Management is digitised and made easier

Thanks to SMA TRANSPORT’s solid knowledge of the constraints and obligations of insurance, the digital tools it has implemented, and its team of multilingual experts, CINABRE is able to provide you with support and guidance in order to manage your needs more effectively.


More than 90% of commercial requests are handled in less than four hours.

We commit to responding to your claim within 48 hours and to handling your file promptly so that you receive payment quickly.

No voice server

Because listening to you and the quality of the service we provide are inextricably linked, our company doesn’t use a premium line or a voice server.


When a claim occurs, it’s important to be listened to, understood, supported and for the responses to be quick, effective and complete. Our “CLAIMS” team, which is recognised around the world for its expertise, offers unique and personal attention to all of our insured customers when it counts the most.

The team will be there by your side to support and advise you, whatever the nature of your claim, bringing you the benefit of its rich experience spanning two centuries and its innovative information technology.

And our multilingual team members will offer you rapid, complete responses based on management procedures which are geared towards efficiency.

Web declaration & extranet

For greater responsiveness, efficiency and traceability, we are providing you with:

  • a “web declaration” service with personalised access. It allows you to make claims online, check them and track the progress of the files
  • a simple, quick and effective “Extranet” interface that permits autonomous management of ongoing actions associated with the insurance contracts. This platform allows customers to make declarations and consult transport insurance orders or to print a certificate of transport insurance.

It’s so simple – let us guide you!

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Risk & Compliance Management

Managing risk is a fundamental element of our profession!
At SMA TRANSPORT, we give you the benefit of our knowledge and expertise to ensure continuity and confidence.

We are compliant with laws and regulations and we respect the rules of social ethics.

Our corporate culture is based around “compliance”.
We also develop solutions which allow for the protection, integrity, traceability and confidentiality of the data which you entrust us with.