Providing underwriting services since 1820

For more than 200 years now, we have been the undisputed specialist in the transportation insurance market and occupy a privileged position on the insurance market.

As an agent, we provide the benefit of our expertise to insurance companies and brokers, thus facilitating operational management.


Insurance companies delegate extensive powers to us, therefore allowing us to offer solutions to insurance brokers, directly and with great autonomy.


CINABRE therefore offers complete insurance policy management from the point of subscription through to paying out claims.


Integrity & confidence

When you entrust us with your most treasured property, we will ensure that you have peace of mind

Adaptability & creativity

Needs and expectations are in a constant state of evolution, mirroring our environment. We are always adapting to bring you innovative and realistic solutions, meeting your exact needs.

Commitment & dynamism

You will enjoy great proximity to our teams, who are ready and available to listen to you. They are multilingual and are on hand to support and advise you at any time and any place.

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