Providing underwriting services since 1820

CINABRE’s longevity is testament to its success.

We have demonstrated consistency and reliability over the course of the years.
Allow us to give you an overview of our two centuries of history.


Where our history began...

CINABRE first came into existence on the port of Bordeaux. At the outset, the MARTIN family acted as a sworn broker, attributing risk rates to various crews and merchandise, on the basis of mandates given by insurers located in Paris or in Switzerland.


Maritime Insurance Underwriter

Mr Amédée MARTIN established himself as a Maritime Insurance Underwriter, and founded a company.


Beyond our borders

As business in the port of Bordeaux was losing momentum, it became necessary to give CINABRE a second wind, navigating towards new and more international horizons. Brothers Philippe and Michel MARTIN gave the firm the impetus it needed to really take off. This meant that they had very extensive underwriting capacities and were able to work with a network of brokers who were not restricted by borders


Moving toward a new era

The arrival of Pierre BOULART in 1991 marks the beginning of a new era. Improvements in the utilisation of IT resources revolutionised management methods. Handling operations became more fluid. In an environment with a high concentration of insurance stakeholders and an increase in the level of competition between them, this strategy allowed MARTIN & BOULART to remain an independent business, collaborating with the most prestigious companies in the international market. CINABRE therefore maintains its position as a French specialist for merchandise transportation risks.


From Bordeaux to Tokyo: an important turning point

These assets inspired the interest of NIPPONKOA INSURANCE COMPANY, based in TOKYO. They offered CINABRE the opportunity to become one of the key stakeholders in its development project in Europe, while remaining faithful to its local positioning.


Arrival of Laurent Blasquez : a new perspective

2016 saw another turning point for CINABRE with the arrival of Laurent Blasquez in the role of President. He came from an industrial background and brought a fresh perspective both to the company and to the insurance market. He introduced organisational methods and tried and tested processes from other sectors. And based on the knowledge that flexibility generates success, he launched a new digital revolution. CINABRE is developing more effective IT tools to continuously increase responsiveness and to foster customer support with the aim of repositioning it at the heart of its strategy.


And the best is yet to come !

In the context of an ultra-competitive market and with a high concentration of players, the company needs to be even stronger, more agile and resilient. Its flexibility and responsiveness allows it to approach this new era calmly and ever more confidently.